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Thank’s to my blogfriend Viveka I’ve got some new friends that are following my blog from now on. And I’m really greatful for that! I’ve thought about writing my blogs in both swedish and english, so I can get more readers from all over the world. At my statistics for my blogs I’ve seen that readers from all over the are visiting my blogs, and it’ll be more fun them when athey understand what I’m writing about. And it’s a really good opportunity for me to keep my english in good shape!

And I’m thinkning about to perhaps go back to Blogger. I’ll let you all know if I do so.

For all my new readers I can let you all know that I’m a swedish woman, 41 years old living in a small community called Smedjebacken. I’m a very open, quite positive person that likes to write and communicate with other friends on internet. It’s a great way to get to know more people and I really like that. So I’ll be so glad if you will comment on my posts, I will respond to them all. I’m living in a house with my husband named Tomas, he’s 45 years old and is working as an IT-consultant. And then I have a stepdaughter named Denise, she is 13 years old and her interests are Jedward, playing Minecraft and horses. 🙂 We have 2 cats, named Missan and Tussan, and they are really two members in our family. I usually call them my ”furbabies”. They are really spolied but in my opinion I think that it’s not wrong beacause we don’t have them for so long in our lives. So there you have my family! (Pictures below)

My interests are my family and friends, and I also like music a lot, and movies,  make-up, nailpolish, and to work in our garden,  take long walks, and also interior design. If I had more money I would be spending a whole lot more on the interior at our home and probably buy more make-up and nailpolish. 🙂

Yesterday we went to Örebro, my hometown. I was born and raised there, and my mum, and brother with his family still lives there. My stepdaughter has recently turned 13 and my nephew has turned 16 so we had a birthdayparty at my brothers place. My sister and her fiancée Maria were also there with my sisters two children. And my mum Elsie were  there and my sister in laws father also. So we drank coffe and were served a really good cake. It was a really good day and I was so glad to see them all.

Tomorrow I’ll be working as a invigilator (according to google translate). The students are writing their exams and there has to be a guard watching them so they don’t cheat on the exams. It’s a part time job and I really like it, because I’ll get to work with people and that’s the best thing for me. Otherwise I’m unemployed and it”s not easy to find a good job here in Sweden in these days. I applied to a pharmacy technician education but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in.

So there you have, a little about me and my family. I’ll let you know more about me if you keep following my blog. So come on now, let me know more about you, and don’t be afraid to comment on my posts. You’ll make me really glad!

Som ni ser så skriver jag på engelska nu också, och det beror på att jag har fått en del engelska läsare genom min bloggvän Viveka. Så jag kände att jag ville skriva både på engelska och svenska. Även innan Viveka tipsade om min blogg så har jag sett på statistiken på mina bloggar att jag haft läsare från olika delar av världen. För att öka antalet läsare på mina bloggar så är det ett plus om man skriver på engelska också. Ju fler läsare desto roligare är det så klart.

Så jag har berättat en del om mig och min familj som ni andra svenska läsare som följt mig ett tag redan vet. Jag berättade också om gårdagen, att vi hade en jättemysig och trevlig dag med min familj. Det var så kul att träffa all igen, tyvärr går timmarna så fort när vi träffas. Men vi bjöds på en massa gott kaffebröd och en supergod tårta. Denise var överlycklig för hon fick Jedwardboken som önskat sig.

Imorgon kommer jag jobba som tentavakt igen, nästan hela dagen faktiskt. Så det kommer nog inte bli så mycket bloggande tyvärr. Hoppas ni har överseende med det.

Jag berättade också att jag har planer på att gå tillbaka till Blogger. Känner att om man inte betalar för uppgradering här på WordPress så får man inte tillgång till allt som jag vill. Jag vet inte om jag är beredd att betala för det heller. Men självklart så kommer jag låta er veta om det blir så och när i så fall. Jag funderar fortfarande. Sedan kommer det kanske inte bli lika långa inlägg nu när kommer skriva på både engelska och svenska, för det tar tid. Men jag tror det är bättre att inläggen blir fler och något kortare än långa och inte så ofta uppdaterad blogg. Eller har jag fel?

Hoppas er helg varit bra!