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Today I went to the midwife to take a test. It’s a bit uncomfortable, because one has to lay in a gynecologist chair and then they take a sample from the cervix to see if there is a change in the cells. The sooner they discover it the sooner they can treat it. In Sweden women between ages 23-60 are called to do this every third year. It’s a great opportunity I think, so I haven’t missed one appointment at the midwife. It’s important to get this done.

I took some pictures on my way home. I took the bus when I went there, but then a walk home. Here’s a picture at the healthcenter.

Here’s a picture how the streets looks today. The snow has melted and then it rained yesterday at the evening. So I should have put on other shoes or boots perhaps. I got really wet on my shoes and trousers.

I saw some rosehips on my way home. (I’m not sure about the translation, in swedish it’s called nypon).

I like to listen to music a lot, and Spotify is great for a musiclover like me. So i just put my headphones on and turned my 80’s playlist on. Here’s one song from that playlist that I really enjoy!


Cats and snow

Our cats doesn’t like the snow so much. So here they are sitting at the window looking out. Wishing it was summer and warm and dry outside. Tonight the snowing has passed and now it’s raining so it’s really wet outside now. Too bad, it’s much nicer with the snow.

Now I’m going to take my cats and husband to bed and watch some tv. Have a nice evening/day!

Here comes the snow


Monday morning, and this is what a part of our garden looked today. So it became quite risky for us to get to our work today. In Sweden we have to put on special tires on the car for the winter and of course our wintertires wasn’t on. We have to buy new wintertires. But my husband Tomas bought that today so perhaps this will be fixed by tomorrow.

Today I have been working as a invigilator. I get to meet a lot of people and that is so much fun.
I will be working on wednesday and thursday also.

Yesterday we got wintertime here in Sweden so now it will be dark outside earlier in the evening. Now at 16.30 it’s already dark outside. The days feels so much shorter.

Den här synen mötte oss imorse när vi kom ut. Vi har inga vinterdäck på bilen så det blev en väldigt försiktig resa till våra jobb imorse. Men nu har maken fixat nya vinterdäck så förhoppningsvis sitter de på tills imorgon.

Idag har jag jobbat som tentavakt igen. Jag kommer jobba även onsdag och torsdag den här veckan. Kul!

Vintertiden gjorde verkligen att det blev mörkare. Nu när klockan är 16.30 så är det kolsvart ute redan.
Trist, för dagarna blir så korta tycker jag.