Today I went to the midwife to take a test. It’s a bit uncomfortable, because one has to lay in a gynecologist chair and then they take a sample from the cervix to see if there is a change in the cells. The sooner they discover it the sooner they can treat it. In Sweden women between ages 23-60 are called to do this every third year. It’s a great opportunity I think, so I haven’t missed one appointment at the midwife. It’s important to get this done.

I took some pictures on my way home. I took the bus when I went there, but then a walk home. Here’s a picture at the healthcenter.

Here’s a picture how the streets looks today. The snow has melted and then it rained yesterday at the evening. So I should have put on other shoes or boots perhaps. I got really wet on my shoes and trousers.

I saw some rosehips on my way home. (I’m not sure about the translation, in swedish it’s called nypon).

I like to listen to music a lot, and Spotify is great for a musiclover like me. So i just put my headphones on and turned my 80’s playlist on. Here’s one song from that playlist that I really enjoy!


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  1. I did that every second year and still I ended up with cervical cancer – it’s very seldom that it’s picked up by smear tests. Only the changes in the cells – I did my in September and everything was normal .. and in July the year after they found a tumor bigger then a golf ball – it been there for years.

    Do you know that you can take the jabs – for cervical cancer even after 35.

    This song .. have some serious memories with this song – thanks a million.
    Love your photos – no snow yet here down here.

  2. Very wise to go for your tests regularly!
    We had a little bit of snow here, but it stopped. It rained and it was terrible, Now it is a bit brighter again and I hope that it gets a bit warmer. I don’t want winter in October!!!
    Have a lovely week! 🙂


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